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By God's Word


The Love Of A Father

     On June 15, 2014, we will celebrate Father’s Day. It is a day to honor our fathers, to thank them for the role they fill in our lives. For some, it is a time to remember one who is departed. For others, it is one more opportunity to connect with this special man in our lives.

               One father in the Bible came to my mind. It is the father in the story of the Prodigal Son. Let’s look at what made him special.

               First, he gave his youngest son his inheritance upon request. The young man, though by no means mature, was old enough to take his inheritance. The father respected his son’s decision to take his inheritance and leave.

               Second, he waited for his son to hit the bottom. Yet he always left it open for his son to return.

               Third, the father longed for his son to return. Jesus said the father recognized his returning son from a great distance. He must have been looking longingly for his return.

               Fourth, the father welcomed him. He asked no questions of his son and made no demands. The father embraced his son who, by now, carried a terrible odor. Then he made preparations for a party to celebrate his sons return.

               Fifth, this father did not forget his older son, who was not pleased by this celebration.   He reasoned with the older sibling, trying to help him understand the importance of accepting his prodigal brother.

               It wasn’t easy for his father. The older son was right. His brother squandered his wealth and embarrassed the family. Yet the father’s love shines brightly when he welcomes the younger brother back into the family. The love of a father will endure greatly by never giving up hope. That’s the type of love we celebrate on Father’s Day.


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